Hanks Kitchen, Grafton NSW

We purchased the Junior Pie Machine in 2017 and it was without a doubt the best decision we have ever made.  Our bakery sells twenty different varieties of pies, not only does the Junior Pie Machine produce a consistent, quality product but the speed in which they are being made is amazing.  It’s easy to operate, is very efficient and the overall running / maintenance costs are very low.

Thanks to everyone at Simple Simon, the installation and commissioning of our pie machine was flawless and the aftersales service has been fantastic.  A special thanks to Danielle for the first-class service we constantly receive.

Hanks Kitchen, Grafton NSW

Victor DeVries, Darby’s Pies

In 2016 I purchased a new Simple Simon pie machine; this model included some new enhancements in addition to all the market leading features from my 2 earlier model purchases. The main feature in my decision to upgrade to a new machine was Toms new Servo Auto Wipe D-Port Depositor. With suppliers substantially raising prices, it was critical that these costs were managed to protect my margins/profits without sacrificing quality. The new Depositing System had an improved accuracy of 100% through improvements in its design to deposit all of the filling in the cavity. This system also included a new depositing barrel timing feature which enables greater control of the speed of this process. This accurate deposit reduced any splash of filling onto another pie or in-between the tins onto pastry. This created clean scrap pastry which enabled me to reuse ALL the pastry back into my bottom pastry. The new laser driven pastry stations reduced my pastry shrinkage as it allowed the pastry to roll out onto the line and not be stretched out. I would have no hesitation into recommending a Simple Simon Pie machine to any large pie producer.

Larry Pantaleo – Pinjarra Bakery & Patisserie, WA

Larry purchased a Junior Pie Machine which was fitted with the Auto-Wipe Servo Depositor. Watch his unedited testimonial:


Kiss and Bake Up Ltd, New Zealand

Thanks so much to you all at Simple Simon for your professionalism and help. Throughout the whole process you guys have been excellent to deal and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others. The pie machine has been great and we have seen our sales steadily increase since we’ve started using it. Due to its efficiency we’ve been able to increase our pie flavour range and spend more time on other products rather than banging out pies by hand. So thanks again for the great product and service!

Nimmitable Bakery, NSW

Watch Will talk about why our Junior Pie Machine has made is pie making easier and more profitable!


Managing Director, Fry’s Foods, South Africa

Fry’s Family were extremely satisfied with the professional installation and commissioning of our Junior pie machine in South Africa. Tom was amazing in his patience and commitment to getting the product right. We learnt a lot, about pies and pie production, Aussie style, during the three days of commissioning and this service provided by the Simple Simon organisation has allowed our business to start producing commercial pies much quicker than if we had done it ourselves! Thanks to Tom and Danielle for your commitment to excellent execution!

Baker’s Cottage – Maitland, NSW, Australia

We The Simple Simon Junior pie machine has enabled our company to expand without adding more production staff. Our pies still look hand made and we never get reminded our pies are under filled. We have saved over 50% labour and the “portion controlled gourmet depositing guarantees customer satisfaction”. One of the best investments we’ve ever made and we were literally making pies within 10 minutes from positioning it on the floor.


Morrison, LLC, West Jordan, Utah, USA

We purchased the Simple Simon 4700 in 2008, and added the “Simple Simon Junior” in 2011 for our Aussie Pie product lines. We needed reliable, high-speed machines to supply Costco, Wal-Mart, Super Target and Kroger’s, in addition to co-packing for other companies. We have been extremely pleased with the performance, low maintenance and high productivity of these machines. Morrison Meat Pies is a fully certified USDA plant producing 10 varieties of Aussie and Scottish meat pies, growing the U.S. and Canadian market for these wonderful pies! Many thanks to the Lindsay Piemaking Equipment Pty. for their high quality and excellent customer service!


Heaven’s Bakery, New Zealand

Why didn’t we invest in a Junior Pie Machine earlier?!


Founder, The Beechworth Bakery, VIC, Australia

If you are struggling with time and pressure in your bakery and want a bit of balance in your life, as well as making some money…then I recommend that you invest in a Simple Simon “Junior” pie machine.

If you are serious about making high quality pies with greater efficiency in production, this is the machine for you.

We have 2 juniors, one in Beechworth and the other in Echuca and all my staff love it…they are brilliant!


Polar Puffs & Cakes, Singapore

Kudos to Tom & Danielle Lindsay and team who have shown excellent professionalism in their sales service. Tom is always going the extra mile to making things work. The Simple Simon Pie Machine is a great invention proving to manufacture pies quickly yet consistently. This has tremendously increased our productivity with greater efficiency with output of quality pies. Simple Simon as it is called; is designed for simplicity and anyone can operate on it. As Tom would put it, Keep It Simple Simon. We have no regrets getting it!


Mansfield Bakery, VIC, Australia

I was sceptical to say the least! After 35 years of successfully making pies on the bench I found it hard to justify the expense. However after seeing the machine in varied environments I made the huge decision & haven’t looked back. It saves time consistently produces a quality product & turns up to work every day on time.


Okka Pies, VIC, Australia

I just wanted to write a quick thank you to both you and Tom. Junior is everything that you told us and more. “We don’t regret purchasing Junior one bit.”  We have saved hours and hours of hands on labour.

We were tired and worn out with the physical labour needed in our ever expanding business of 15 years. “Junior saves the day”.   What use to take us all day even 2-3 days to prepare we can make in a couple of hours without the stress and physical exhaustion.  Junior has allowed us to increase production without increasing our staff.  Ken and I can’t thank you enough for the support we have had from all of you at Lindsay PieMaking Equipment it was friendly, honest and reliable. The installation was so simple, not only did Tom deliver and install the machine himself he was so patient showing Ken how to operate Junior.   Junior is a very simple machine definitely designed for anyone to operate. We have gone from organised chaos, to efficient organised production. “Junior is Well worth it, What a Gem of machine!!


Garlo’s Pies, NSW, Australia

We bought a Simple Simon Pie Machine and we’ve never looked back. We went from having 2 Garlo’s Pies retail outlets to 7 in the space of 10 months. The machine has totally reinvented the way we operate our business. The most essential part was, we were able to switch from hand made to “Simple Simon made” and nobody could tell the difference….in fact they were MORE consistent.


Morralls Bakery Café, NSW, Australia

The Junior make a perfectly shaped pie consistently and fast. We have noticed an improvement in the quality of the bottom pastry and the shape of the tops, especially the chunky fill pies. The service and installation is to a high standard and very thorough. We are very happy and confident with the investment in the Junior Pie Machine.


Moxons Bakery, NSW, Australia

Just a quick note to let you know what an asset the Junior is to our business. (Even my wife can now see the benefits in spending our money).

Firstly I would like to congratulate you and your staff in the service and information you provided to me when I was looking to purchase a pie line. Including a tour of were you manufacture the pie line. Also after I had decided to purchase the Junior Pie Line and it had been installed you came into our business and helped my staff with any teething problems that arose and how to gain the full benefit of Junior.

I was also surprised that we only had to make very minimal changes to our production process to fit Junior into our system which inturn allowed us to keep the high quality product that our customers expect.

Overall Junior has increased our capacity to produce large quantities of pies in less time which inturn benefits your bottom line which makes everybody happy.


Moxons Bakery, NSW, Australia

“Glaze Unit 1000” Testimonial:

When I first saw it I thought it looked so easy & simple to use and decided to buy it on the spot and now that I have it, it really is that simple and easy to use. It’s so efficient and glazes all my products evenly.


Maketu Pies, New Zealand

Since taking delivery of a Simple Simon pie machine we have not been disappointed with what it has been able to do for us and our business. Also Tom & Danielle Lindsay and their company have supported us with their after sales service and there is never any problem that isn’t dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. Our business relationship is ongoing and Tom is always interested to hear how his machine is going.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Tom Lindsay and his Simple Simon pie equipment to any company considering in investing in such equipment.


Vili’s Gourmet Pies, Aust Wide + Exporting to 19 Countries

Since 1985, we have invested in 4 Simple Simon Pie Machines from Lindsay PieMaking Equipment. In 1999, we were awarded the Stadium Australia contract to supply the 2000 Olympics. Tom Lindsay then designed a machine to produce a gourmet style party pie for the Stadium Australia corporate boxes. This machine has proved so successful that we are now exporting to overseas markets.