Simple Simon Pie Machine

Simple Simon Pie Machine

The Simple Simon series of fully automated pie machines are widely used by some of Australia’s leading national and international meat pie suppliers. Capable of producing pies ranging from 25 -1000 grams in volume with any type of mince or chunky fillings such as steak or chicken, all this is achievable with outputs in excess of 4000 lunch pies/hour. All Lindsay PieMaking Equipment pie machines are uniquely designed to produce gourmet dome top pies for that great hand made look.

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Right to left hand drive Model shown


  • Sizes – cocktail, party, school, lunch, travel & family
  • Shapes – round, oval, square, oblong, rectangular & custom
  • Deposits chunky or mince fill – dome top gourmet pies
  • 1, 2 or 3 person operated
  • High output, approx 800 family to 8400 cocktail pies per hour
  • Fully mobile with locking castors for easy clean and flexible production
  • Automatic pie pallet loader
  • Variable speed conveyor
  • Unique left or right hand drive, to suit bakery layout
  • Single Phase @ 240v 10 Amp 50Hz OR 110v 10 Amp 60Hz
  • Built to AS 4024.1 & International Safety Standards


  • Automatic pastry dispensing
  • Automated cooking systems with bar code product ID for traceability and repeatability
  • Crimping module
  • Extended automatic belt conveyors
  • Additional depositing stations
  • Automatic pastry sheeters

Simple Simon pie machines can be built to customers special requirements!

“In 2016 I purchased a new Simple Simon pie machine; this model included some new enhancements in addition to all the market leading features from my 2 earlier model purchases. The main feature in my decision to upgrade to a new machine was Toms new Servo Auto Wipe D-Port Depositor. With suppliers substantially raising prices, it was critical that these costs were managed to protect my margins/profits without sacrificing quality. The new Depositing System had an improved accuracy of 100% through improvements in its design to deposit all of the filling in the cavity. This system also included a new depositing barrel timing feature which enables greater control of the speed of this process. This accurate deposit reduced any splash of filling onto another pie or in-between the tins onto pastry. This created clean scrap pastry which enabled me to reuse ALL the pastry back into my bottom pastry. The new laser driven pastry stations reduced my pastry shrinkage as it allowed the pastry to roll out onto the line and not be stretched out. I would have no hesitation into recommending a Simple Simon Pie machine to any large pie producer.”

Victor DeVries, Darby’s Pies





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