Pie Pallets

Simple Simon Alclad Teflon® Self Cutting Pie Pallets

Choose from 100+ different shapes and sizes!

All Simple Simon Pie Pallets are built to last, made with Alclad (aluminium coated steel) then specially coated with DuPont Teflon® by a specialist applicator. Alclad pie pallets have a higher heat retention, more even heat distribution and are significantly less susceptible to rust over other inferior metal baking trays. This improves the overall appearance of your pies, reduces energy usage and costs which is also more environmentally friendly. DuPont Teflon® Coating eliminates the need for pre-spraying of your pie moulds and allows for easy quick release of your product. The investment in DuPont Teflon® is claimed to improve pie pallet service life by 8 to 10 times and reduces labour cleaning costs dramatically. All this makes for a longer lasting pie pallet with superior baking reliability.

Weight (approx)

TB mini = 1.5kg / Gastro/Euro/Half = 2.5-3.5kg / Standard = 3.75 – 5kg

Pie Pallet Sizes

TB mini pallet – 9″ (230mm) x 14” (360mm) Gastronome – 12” (325mm) x 21” (530mm) Euro = 15.7” (400mm) x 23.5” (600mm) Half pallet – 16” (405mm) x 14” (360mm) Half pallet – 18″ (460mm) x 14” (360mm) Standard – 16″ (405mm) x 28.5” (720mm) Standard – 18″ (460mm) x 28.5” (720mm)


Mini Cocktail: 25 – 35g (round)
Cocktail: 40 – 50g (round)
Party: 60 – 70g (oval, round, square or rectangular)
Large Party: 70 – 80g (round)
School: 90 – 100g (round or rectangular)
Lunch: 185 – 220g (oval, oblong, round, rectangular, square)
Travel: 200g (rectangular)
Family: 750 – 1000g (round) (used with foil)
Quiche: Single Serve (fluted), Family (fluted or non-fluted (Quiche pallets comes with a pop-up baking disk)