First Steps into Pie Making

Thinking of getting into pie making…?

You will need the following to start up

  1. Machine style self cutting pie pallets in either 460mm x 720mm, 410mm x 720mm, 460mm x 360mm or custom pallets to suit euro ovens/racks ( we have over 100 different shapes and sizes to chose from)
  2. Rack ovens
  3. Fridge/freezer
  4. Pastry mixer
  5. Pastry pastry sheeter
  6. Pastry blocker
  7. Racks
  8. Cooker/kettles
  9. Simple Simon Pie Machine

Here are some recipes to get you started or if you don’t want to make your pastry from the start you can buy frozen rolls and you won’t need the pastry mixer, sheeter or blocker.

Do your research and know your market. How many pies do you think you are going to sell per day/week. You can start out making them by hand on the bench with pie pallets (although this is far more time consuming, so consider a True Blue pie machine), but make sure that the pie pallets are machine suitable (like ours are) so that in the event you go to a machine they are suitable.

There are many bakery suppliers, so just Google the individual items you need or find a local supplier near where your bakery will be.

The most important thing to look for is that all items you wish to buy are made from food grade parts, are stainless steel & that they adhere to Safety Standards (apologies if this is an obvious statement, but unfortunately there is equipment out there that is not and not only will you have issues, but you put yourself & staff at risk of danger)

Companies supplying pre-made pastry in Aus & NZ:

  1. Ezybake –
  2. Quality Foods NZ – (exporting to Asia and Aus)
  3. Goodman Fielder –
  4. Borg’s Pastry –
  5. Bakels – Frozen Puff Pastry