Removable Depositor | Ancillary Equipment

Removable Depositor | Ancillary Equipment

Lindsay PieMaking Equipment P/L (LPME) aka Simple Simon Pie Machines has developed a world first depositing system for their Australian Made Pie Machines; which are now being exported to over 15 countries. The simple design and unique versatile depositor took several years to perfect and is Patent Pending.

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The “Lindsay Depositor” aka Auto-Wipe Depositor (AWD) can be retrofitted, if required, to existing pie lines and the fill accuracy is within 2-3 grams & output 3300 x 200g / 8000 60g units per hour. It has potential applications in other food manufacturing fields & can be adapted to existing in-line food processing

LPME has received numerous innovation & export awards over the years and this major mile stone will solidify their dominance in Australia and around the globe.

This AWD depositor is simple and quick to assemble, maintain and sanitise; all components fit in a commercial dish washer. No tools are required to assemble and disassemble …Keeping It Simple Simon” – KISS!


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