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Euro – 15.7” (400mm) x 23.5” (600mm)

Introducing the Euro 15.7″ (400mm) x 23.5″ (600mm) Professional Pie Pallet, the perfect solution for all your pie-making needs! Designed with versatility and efficiency in mind, this high-quality pallet is ideal for bakeries, restaurants, and catering services looking to create delectable pies for any occasion. Made from durable materials, this pie pallet ensures long-lasting performance and exceptional results, time after time.

Our Euro Pie Pallet comes in two convenient configurations, catering to all your serving preferences. The 5×8 Party Configuration allows you to create up to 40 perfectly-sized portions, making it an excellent choice for events and large gatherings. On the other hand, the 3×5 Lunch Configuration provides 15 generously-sized servings, ideal for a filling lunch or a satisfying dessert. With its adjustable design, this pie pallet guarantees that every slice is uniform and precise, ensuring a professional presentation every time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your pie-making game with the Euro 15.7″ x 23.5″ Professional Pie Pallet!

Euro 15.7” (400mm) x 23.5” (600mm)
Pie Pallet Configuration = 5×8 Party / 3×5 Lunch

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